Monday, May 31, 2010

How Grape Thou Art...

When Clay was little he used to listen to "How great thou art" over and over on his record player...(can you picture this-so funny), but the funniest part about it is that he thought the lyrics were "how grape thou art" needless to say whenever I hear this song it causes the giggles (often at church). Anyway, we've been thinking and praying for the sweet babies a lot with Murphy's surgery coming up, and we are just reminded over and over that God is great and there isn't anything He can't handle. Murphy has not felt well for the past few days but we have made the best of it, the babies have played in their DELUXE new pool and we even took them to "touch a truck" at the library to check out all of the firetrucks and other cool trucks! We are very grateful for the long weekend and the special meaning it has...we are thankful to all of our troops and to our friends and family who have also served to keep us safe. We are so ready to have this week behind us-and have our little guy back to his old self.
How Grape thou art!

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