Friday, May 11, 2012

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Not so long ago, a grandmother of a student at M and M's school saw me lugging in my 2 babies, 3 bags, 2 waters, 2 lunches all the while my babies walked hand in hand in front of me, their only concern was who was taking whom to his/her classroom first.  In passing she said, "just remember the days seem long sometimes, but the moments and years will go too fast."
I think about that a lot.   It makes me sad, It grounds me when I am exhausted, and it makes me grateful.
This year has been a season of change for me.  Although VERY gradual, I think God knows what I could handle this year...nonetheless there was change and growth.  They were in separate classes this year.  They were at the same school though, so they got to see each other throughout the day, and play together.  We walked in together.  At the beginning of the year I had one on my hip and the other by the hand, and now we all walk in together and today  we all walked out together...for the last time.
And just like that this year is over.  It was yesterday that we were getting our packet and bag for Madden's class, it was yesterday we got the news that Harwood would have a 3-5 year old class.  It was yesterday that they still had each other in the same building.
Today as we walked out together hand in hand for the last time, was I super emotional and uncertain?  Yes.  Do I sometimes think I can't take it I must not me cut out for this? Yes. Have we prayed about every decision we have made over and over again each day? Yes.  I know that God has this next leg of our journey already laid out for us in His perfect plan, but it wouldn't be the truth if I didn't acknowledge that ache in my heart for the sweet days when they were in the same class, or that peace you get from knowing that each of them is enamored with their teachers and their friends.  There is a time for everything I know, but that short sweet window of togetherness where they might as well have been twins... well I can see the end of those days.  I have to say that carpool and talking to teachers lately has not been my "usual happy time" as it was, somedays the goal is just not to cry at school...because even though the days did seem long, and it is hard having 2 this close together...
 the year went too fast.

"There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Yep he's 4!

Murphy's trampoline or the "jumping player" as Madden calls it.

tinky at murphy's school party...he was so happy to have her there.

April 10!
LOVE this picture!!

Melts a mommas heart...sometimes I think I'm not cut out for this!

Happy birthday to Tink at school

Ms. Denise and Ms. Amy

She's 3!

Her birthday mani/pedi, she's had more than I have this year :)

I am sure you won't believe this but you could hear her sing every word from the BACK of the sanctuary

A hug and a kiss for a great end of the year program
This is the hallway they shared this year.

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Telecia said...

Happy birthday sweet cheeks. You are so blessed to have your family.