Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its that time...again.

I have been such a slacker on the blog lately, honestly I have been behind in a lot of ways lately.  It seems like my "to do" list never gets shorter, the messages on my phone are still there.  The big plans to play, meet, have lunch etc...well they are still "big plans".  And a week from today they will have to wait until next year.  It came and went before I could catch a breath...and now I can only glance in the rear view mirror...because its time to focus on what's ahead, again.
Its that time again, time for the babies to start school.  Bear with me for the next month or year or so, I was just getting our ridiculous summer schedule down (most of it spent in the car)...only to take on a new schedule, with which I will be sleeping in the car as well.
New faces, new firsts, new places, new plans, new hopes, new locations, new anxieties, new challenges, and new prayers.   We are praying that God will touch our teachers, therapists, schools, and mostly the decisions we have and will make this year.
This is big stuff around here, 2 different schools, and coming from someone who doesnt like change (and to be quite honest is acting like a giant bird with my head in the sand about whats coming up)...I know He will carry us through and we cling to the promise that His compassions are new every morning...even for those of us who like to think we have a whole lot of control over where this train is headed.
The bucket list was a success, we have not 1 BUT 2 babies who love to swim and are practicing for the olympics in a very serious way. The supplies are purchased and packed, the kids are confused as to who is going where and when (as is the driver/mom), but He will take it from here.  
And as a little gift that I know came straight from above, Madden reached over for my hand today and said, "momma when I am gone to school, I will miss you all the time everyday."  Growing pains are for the birds (and I dont mean the ones with their heads in the sand).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making it such a successful summer... I just wish you could have managed to not let it go by so quickly.

Telecia said...

School time equals rest time for you....well maybe not because you are a busy body.