Monday, April 13, 2009

Murphy's First Birthday Slideshow

Here are a few pictures from my birthday weekend! It was so much fun, but I was awfully tired! Wednesday my Mimi and Pop came in town and Friday was my family birthday party, then Saturday we had my party with my friends at our house. We had an Easter egg hunt and the Easter bunny even came to see us! I was so tired though, I could barely make it until...I got a cupcake! Then Sunday we went to Lovey's for Easter. My uncle Sweet pea was there and I was so glad to see him, I jsut wanted him to hold me until I fell asleep...!


carsonsunflower said...

Dang it! You made me cry! That was so sweet. I love the slide show. His smile lights up a room. My favorite was the one in the bathtub at 34 weeks. He's all scrunched up in there. So cute!

thomas said...

Awesome. That bundle of Joy sure is lucky to have such great parents....and what a blessing he is!


Farrell Turner said...

So, so, so sweet.

Donna Sue said...

I am glad you had a great birthday. Your pictures are soooo cute!
Donna Sue

Laura Lee said...

How sweet! I love the slideshow! I hope that you are at home with Madden and are getting some sleep!

I love the pics of Murphy and Ann Charlotte. So sweet! Thinking of you! Laura Lee