Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bird's Eye View

So I was thinking about how weird it is that I have a picture of both of my children in the same spot BOTH using binoculars.  The more I thought about it, I realized our family ( or a lot of the family) for some odd reason really, really, REALLY like binoculars...very strange, I know.
I remember when I was little and my grandfather would watch the game with binoculars and every once in a while I would get to peak through them as if it was the only thing holding me back from "really getting what was going on down on the field."
A few years ago, I realized that my dad would always show up to games with 2 or 3 pairs of the much sought after visual aids AND I have often seen my brother with a pair of his own...where do they come from?  Is there a collection I don't know about?  Aren't they kind of pricey???? 
So a few weeks ago, we took the kids to swim and low and behold there were CC and Skipper BOTH on the back porch with their own pair, searching for a baby bird, or maybe it was their friend the frog that they have as a can really never tell with them (it might have even been their, lobster from a year or so ago)...but anyway, as I watched my baby pick up the binoculars last night just like it was second nature, I just about fell over.  I can't explain it, how did she know how to use them?  Why is this genetic... and how long has this been going on?  So I had to share a picture of the babies inspecting what's going on down on the field....there are some other recent pictures as even one with the first lady of football, Coach Porter's wife.
I guess its just little moments like this, that remind me that these are such special times, and that there is no denying the DNA around here...theses babies are mine-the way they take to a good pair of binoculars says it all.

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Laura Jaquith said...

Great story! I remember loving them too. I probably only got to use them when I was around you guys :).