Monday, September 6, 2010

The "Situation"

No not Mike, from "jersey shore", but Madden (tink) from right here in Germantown.  Madden and Murphy are quite a sight wherever we go.  We are always taking up too much space, running into things with our double stroller, and leaving a huge mess as our trail.  Needless to say we get lots of attention wherever we go, and Tink is convinced the situation is pretty much- always. all. about. her.
Hence, we have started calling her "the situation".  Here are some pictures of the babies from the past few weeks, as you can see we are eating up every last minute of summer...and leaving a mess while we're at it.  It seems like the babies are everywhere these days-and although its quite "a situation" we are so thankful for these special times together.

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Laura Jaquith said...

Awww, I love the new pics. I especially love the one of them in the crib. That is too sweet. I bet they love each other to death. I know exactly what you mean by Madden thinking it's all about her. Haley is the exact same way. If people clap and cheer on tv, she thinks it's for her. I love this age!!