Sunday, October 31, 2010

oh the drama...

So I thought I would sneak in a quick post before halloween comes and goes.   For those of you who have girls you know what I am talking about, it is seriously, completely. different. than having boys.  Murphy takes after his daddy, laid back until you mess with his food or his sleep.  Madden, on the other hand is not laid back unless you are dealing with a nap or food-well let me take that back she wants breakfast on her plate and ready to eat when her feet hit the floor in the morning. 
We have a little saying around here, "if tink's not happy no one's happy."  She goes from 0-maniac in about 2 seconds then turns around bats her eyes and waves (like royalty) and says Hiiiiiiiiii (all of her words are either a song or have atleast 5 syllables).  To sum her up she's drama-I'm sure she comes by it honestly, but we haven't quite put our finger on who she gets it from (HA. HA.)
Anyway, both babies went for a haircut this week and in these pictures behold....the difference between boys and girls.
all's well until we actually sit in the chair...

it's over and she has a sucker...just fine now

Someone seriously hurt her feelings...but who?

"and that's how its done"

this is how he got the name 'joy" seriously? I could eat that face up!

Madden is already "over it", not going to lie murphy's not far behind, but really, who wants to sit in wet hay?

showing off her moves in the new raincoat...which she will decide she hates in about 2 minutes

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Laura Jaquith said...

That is too funny! I know all about girl drama! Don't they make life interesting, though? I'm so jealous of all the hair in your lives :).