Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Good grief Saturday was a last ditch effort to get "THE Christmas" picture...HA.HA.HA.  Without further adieu here is the documentation of the babies and their visit with Santa 2010.  We have been talking about this for weeks, our elf "Mr. Pickles" is here, we have read the books, looked at the pictures...we were READY.  We even say Ho Ho Ho (well not now that we know about the scary guy who coined the phrase).  In their defense, both babies had double ear infections and Santa was late...thank goodness for the delicious chocolate covered waffle while we oh so patiently waited.  While it was traumatic, going to see Santa is almost like a right of passage for the season...we'll start preparing now for next year.  Sweet babies are totally over the scary guy with the beard for now!
Madden at the grocery store with me while Murphy was at school-she has her purse of course.

Its all fun and games until the Big guy makes his entrance

Stories are good...from a distance

Skipper-thank goodness

really?  A huge lollipop and white dress, good idea mom.

I bet this guys day only gets better



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Ok, I love the picture of Madden with the purse. What a diva! Then I love the Santa pictures even more. I know you feel like that was a FAIL, but I think ones like that are so much more priceless than smiley ones. One day, you will absolutely die talking about that day. Too cute!