Thursday, December 23, 2010

The thing about this time of year...

is that for some reason without a doubt it makes me look back at the year before.  I was looking at pictures from Christmas last year and its really unbelievable what a difference a year makes.  This has really been a year for thankfulness.  Thankfulness for special friends and family who act as "shepherds" in our lives.  Thankfulness for time with our loved ones, and the opportunity to grow together.  Thankfulness for the grace that we received by no works or actions of our own. 
As a quick aside...I am including a picture of PROOF.  The thing about that she is a bit of a hoarder.  When she runs out of places to stash her treasures she has taken to shoving them in her footed jimmy jams-sometimes they stay there all night because they go undetected-take a look at the collection I found this morning when she woke up-it can't be comfortable to sleep with these things in the legs of your jimmy jams-but she never makes a peep when her 7 (yes 7) friends manage to make it to bed with her. 
As time goes on we see more and more of these little personalities forming and growing into the individuals God has planned for them to become.  Its amazing, they are so different yet there is such a special bond between them already there...I am thankful beyond comprehension for that special relationship.

Just wanted to share a bit of what's going on at our house before the onslaught of Christmas craziness-today in Jesus Calling we read "Nurture well your trust in Me as Savior, Lord, and Friend.  I have held back nothing in My provision for you.  I have even deigned to live within you!  Rejoice in all that I have done for you, and My Light will shine through you into the world."

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