Friday, February 11, 2011

delightful [dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] adj giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.

I was talking to a sweet friend of mine who has really gotten to know my mom over the past year or so, and I told her that it bothers me how often my mom does things for me and how I can be so "short with her when I am stressed" (because she's usually the person who's around in the midst of my day to day stress) friend looked at me and said, "your mother is delightful and you should tell her." So I did and it was all I had to offer that day in the midst of chaos, but it is so true...

CC's birthday is on Valentines Day- (as if those of you who have EVER met me dont' know this, but just in case, yes she was born on Valentines Day and yes she is drawn to all things heart as a result...she cant help herself). And now that I have a tiny break from the stomach bug that has infested our house-it would be a shame not to take this time to really give you some insight to CC...

-she is responsible for action news 5's weather reports...she loves the drama of bad weather and WILL NOT drive in flurries
-she loves ALL animals I'm talking snakes, crawfish whatever; she has pet frogs and she was in the newspaper for standing on poplar so a turtle could cross
-she is able to let me grow in so many ways within my own family...not pushing, or guiding or even suggesting (unless I ask, ok well sometimes without being asked but with good intentions)...just walking beside me and growing with me. I hope one day I am able to do the same for tink.
-I love our deep conversations and the honesty that has come with that. Sometimes it's not what I want to hear but she's a "logic" person (as Clay says I live in a world of ambiguity but that's for another post)..She tries to find the good in a situation even when I don't have the heart to see it yet.
-people ask if Madden is hers and I am the sister-its true just go shopping with them.
-I can't pass Forest Hill without a meltdown from the backseat and when I need her she never misses a doctors appointment, a music class, or keeping my babies during thursday prayer meeting, never.
-she smiles all of the time BUT NOT on demand. She has the same upside down smile as my brother but not as intense (seriously look at a picture of sweet pea smiling and turn it upside down sometime)
-she has moved furniture and vacuumed my house 100 times and I havent even known (more ambiguity :))
-Both of my babies have a fierce sweet tooth...not sure if I am thankful for that but she can get them to eat just about anything...but oatmeal, it's not happening.
-she is so proud of her babies-she loves them more than I can explain...
-she really is delightful...even though "she does not do the stomach bug" :)
Happy Birthday CC!


Beth said...

Sweet post! Happy birthday to you!

Betty said...

Amen to everything you said about CC. Still love being around her... laughing most of time... after 46 years of friendship!

Diane White said...

Suzanne, that post was the best gift that you could give your mother. I thought I was going to cry! I don't know how she does it all. I need her energy! I am so glad that Murphy is doing better. Glenda and I are supposed to see Nancy in a couple of days for her bday dinner. I love reading your blog and seeing all of the pics. Such precious angels!