Monday, January 31, 2011

Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

So here's the story...
This weekend was Bo and Bridget's wedding in Atlanta! So Thursday we packed up the babies (and EVERYTHING we own)...and we were in Atlanta in no time. We stayed on the 4th floor at the Ritz in Buckhead ( I am only saying this so that if you happened to be on that floor I am apologizing for any disturbances my 2 stir crazy little ones may or may not have caused...there were other disruptive guests I feel certain -but I can only account for my two...)
However, I think you will see from some of the pictures that Murphy takes quite well to being pampered, a king size bed, snacks and a huge tv? He looked at us like..."are you seriously making me go home, they know my name here, I might just stay...")

I have to tell you that the rehearsal dinner was like no other. I knew Bo and Bridget were precious people, but to quote my brother "those toasts need to be in a movie"....their friends LOVE them, I mean truly love them. I can only hope that Clay and I can share a fraction of the pride their parents must have had that night.

Saturday we spent some time visiting some special friends Gene and Isabel and baby Coleman...who I am pretty sure would fit in quite well at our house...I'm just saying..!

Back to the bride and groom...all I can say is JOY (no, not heaven joy...he was lounging in his king size bed)...the way they looked at their wedding and when they were saying their vows-wow...
The reception was so much fun...perhaps too much fun for some of us (you know who you are...) So all in all this was an amazing weekend...

-we took walks to the ice machine A LOT poor Skipper probably could tell you everything about the hotel...thanks for being such a good sport, Dad
-we made new friends in the hospitality suite and laughed and visited with some old ones
-we shopped or "power shopped" as my mom says
-we ATE and ATE and ATE
-we pretended the 4th floor was a dorm and we were all freshman again
-we got to see Mimi, Emilee and Delaney and the babies were in HEAVEN! Seriously, could the weekend get any better? It was a quick trip but it is SO good to see those faces...
-we danced so much I think (know) that will suffice as my exercise for 2011
-we were reminded of how to love the special people God puts in our lives
-we saw my brother bring out some moves like no other ( who knew?) but no, I do not question my standing in the family to answer your question, uncle Sweet Pea :)
-we got to spend time with family and make memories that we will never forget,
AND we got a wonderful addition to our family...thanks to bo! WELL DONE!

Family Pics after the wedding
These are so out of order...but anyhow Madden eating her ChitChen on the way home
Some of my brother's moves on an unsuspecting birthday girl at the Ritz, seriously...My brother?
He's just telling us he's had these moves all the time but if you bring them too much they may lose their luster...hmmm.

Coleman...sweet boy!!!
Madden shopping at Neimans she does love some girl time
The happy couple at the Rehearsal dinner...Madden hasn't seen this one yet...

well well well look who's on the blog
Sweet Pea and Sarah pre-dance moves

Happy Campers
Heaven Joy

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Holly said...

YES!!!!! i finally made the blog!!! i had so much fun with all of you this weekend. but glad i was on the 11th floor (just kidding!). :)
Congrats to the bride and groom! and yes, uncle sweet pea was in rare form on the dance floor!