Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011-04-10 Murphy's Third Birthday - candles.AVI

Murphy is officially 3 even though he hasnt had his "official" party.  I am combining their birthday party this year so he has a couple of weeks to wait-poor guy.  Although judging by this video I dont think he minded too much!  We had a wonderful day at the new playground at Shelby Farms followed by a delightful lunch at McDonalds (chicken Mcnuggets are his new favorite)...then lots of playing outside with his new tee ball set and finally pizza and cake for dinner!  Madden was a bit confused...why was Murphy opening ALL the presents fortunately for all of us, Murphy has no trouble sharing.  Here is a video and a few pics! Also...My brother and Madden have a new thing-no one knows where it came from but they act like they are sumo wrestlers every time they see each other.  They even have a weird clap off before they get into their stances...who knows, should I be worried that they speak each other's sumo language??


Farrell said...

Preciousness! Happy birthday to them both! We'll be in Memphis May 8-21. We must MAKE A DATE so that we can actually see each other!

Beth said...

I swear I could watch the video of him blowing out his candles a million times a day!

Laura Lee said...

Happy Birthday Murphy! ADORABLE!!! Beautiful smile :) Beautiful kids!