Monday, April 25, 2011

taking a breath...

Easter after church (pre-meltdown)

Murphy doing his favorite thing, driving

heaven joy, what else can I say?

they work the SAME way upside down, MOM I dont know why you need a picture!

Madden at the big egg hunt party-pre Aunt BB subjecting us to the stomach bug in the car for two hours...we love her anyway though :)

pre surgery last week-one brave tink tink (one faking it brave momma)

distract distract distract

future roomies-wont this be so cute in their dorm room if we can convince land to LEAVE SOUTH CAROLINA FINALLY!?!

such a fun band on a friday night!

Aunt Al and Madden-just chatting

what a crew-my arms are about to break if you're wondering...

easter bunny loot (round 1-that bunny got around it was like Christmas everywhere we went)

He's trying to let himself out the back door so he can get in CC's car-its such fun to try stopping him-ha!

and here they are again pre meltdown angels
but just for a minute...its been hectic to say the least around here and this week is looking even crazier.  I just had to share some pictures of everything we've been up to lately!

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