Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day...but more.

Its official they are 2 and 3. Yep they are growing up no matter what I do...I am posting some pics of Maddens school party, mothers day and a few others...but as I was posting I started thinking...

So today my parents left to go out of town...bummer yes.  Typically this doesnt happen they are usually around, but well, today it did.  However, I handled this so much differently today than I thought I would.  There was a tinge of sadness that we wouldnt get to hang out with them for a few days, and another tinge of sadness that we weren't following them in the car heading somewhere fun, but at around 11 am there was an enormous feeling of gratitude.  I had 2 stir crazy babies that even the cat and the hat couldnt satisfy...but the sun started to shine.
I loaded them in the wagon, much to Murphys chagrin. (clay later informed me Murphy only does wagon solo...hence the attitude).  We turned around I packed up the double stroller and we headed to Ace Hardware and then to Lowes.  Now there was no stroller at Lowes= Madden in my arms as I push Murphy in the basket -not an easy feat for someone who is not an exercise enthusiast per se.
But as I walked around the plants for the 4th time with 2 quiet children I thought, I am so blessed.  I have 2 (momentarily) content children, its a friday morning, and I GET to do this.  It all of the sudden hit me, that this is the hardest (dont get me wrong)...but the BEST job on the planet.  I will one day long for a morning like today, long to push one of them in the cart while the other is clinging to my neck.  Yes, I am a sweaty mess but I am full of gratitude for that.  
Then one of my precious friends just called while driving her three kids out of town for the weekend, SOLO, (yikes) and she said, yep this is the hardest job out there, but its the most important and the biggest praise we will ever know.   Yep, I have to agree.

Yep still taking them and still joy buckets

As outgoing as she is with us, she can be so shy when the show's about her...

To add to her repertoire... tink now does toddlers and tiaras and pretends to be surprised its hilarious-she says "who me?!"

birthday loot

2 year old check up in my dress my mom made when I was little

3 year old check up...such a sweet patient.

"I am SO glad its someones birthday....cake cake cake"

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Telecia said...

I enjoy reading your posts. You have such a lovely family. Smooches!