Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is not the end...

So it's Tuesday and the babies should be in school BUT even Harwood takes a breather and they are off until next week...nonetheless I am missing Michele, their teacher, she is off until the Fall, SIGH.  I am pasting a part of an email I got from her last week, I had a hard time at school last week, it was emotional to think that my two wont be spending their days with her at the JCC next year...ughh I could go on and on...but here is part of her email, the subject line read:
This is not the end...
Life is funny. Always keep a sense of humor it can get you through so much.
God puts people in our lives for reasons. You are so intuitive and spiritual that you realize his plan. I feel like I needed you and your sweet family as much as you needed me. I am honored to have worked with your precious children and their precious parents. I don't believe that we are done with each other. I strongly feel that It is not over but is going to only blossom. Remember you are not in control...God has a plan for each of your children. It is bigger and better then what you can imagine. It's funny you think your children had the most "gifted" teacher but I have grown as a teacher because of your children. They have done so much more for me then I have for them...
 On another note-
This weekend was such a great time to relax and enjoy being with our family and friends.   We met some friends for dinner saturday night and got to go see Uncle Sweet Pea's new house downtown and Sarraaah was there too-could it get any better?!?! Then as the weekend progressed we (with the help of some persuasive big kids) coaxed the babies INTO the pool-wow, what a difference a year makes.  Thankfully, this is not the end...the days seem to get better and better once summer arrives.
For a while she was decked out but if anyone got any closer she was outta there!

Amazing what a difference a day makes

Their happy last day of school gifts were floaties and a bubble maker

melt my heart

joy buckets

in the waiting room at the dr...he acts like he's an old pro

teaching uncle sweet pea his letters

Murphy throwing to Buckley

Happy Memorial Day!

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Lisa, Joey and Ace said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment, and your support, and prayers for our little guy! I love hearing that there are others out there who have prayed for him and who love him. Your kids are PRECIOUS and we would LOVE to meet you guys one day!! You are not too far-- and we love a good road trip!! Email me sometime so we can keep in touch. lisaeicher@gmail.com
Talk to you soon!!