Friday, September 30, 2011

Gators, Guitars, and growing...

Its no surprise to anyone who has met Murphy that one of his favorite things is for Clay to get out a guitar and play music with him.  Murphy and Madden dance like they are on dancing with the stars, sing like american idols and you can usually find some sort of talent show at our house on any given day.  I thought this was just part of their baby-days, kind of a fun way for them to play and interact.  As I often say, WRONG SONG.
I have a feeling as they grow more and more so will their love for music and their musical gifts...but for now it sure is fun to watch Murphy strum his lollipop drum just like a real guitar, and it's enough to turn any bad day around when you catch Madden doing a little number when she thinks no one is watching.  They are turning into their own little people.  They know what they like, what they like to do and they know they are getting big enough to try new things, the drawback....they are much braver than their momma.  It's sometimes hard to watch them grow into these things, or try something new when I know they might fall, crash or just get plain frustrated in the attempt.  But it's also a blessing, what a gift to watch to little people experience something new, find a talent or sing a new song.  Its music for my heart!
While my two little ones are growing and changing like crazy, how amazing is it to think...that when we are frustrated, when that fear creeps up God knows us and is right there beside us.  He did not give us a spirit of fear, but instead we can trust in Him and dance our way into the people He intends for us to become...(even if we practice when we think no one is watching)....

Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever."
And they're off, Murphy did insist on wearing his "buckle"  

You should have seen the combo of Murphy steering and Madden doing the out in about 13 years.

This is very serious stuff 

Notice he did giver her a turn (a constant issue at our house) but he's doing the strumming

Our first set of school pictures-Clay called the photographer so we could get them all on a disc.  I am afraid its hopeless we will be broke as a joke because of the pictures we have of these two

Seriously?  How much could one little disk cost in the scheme of things...?   Not to mention two grandmothers who responded to my email with "I would like to have all of the pictures, please".  So it really IS cheaper to just buy the least we keep saying that!


Telecia said...

I want a picture too :-)

Farrell said...

I cannot believe how big they've gotten! Especially Murphy!

Kim Sue said...

I saw sweet M this morning. He gave me five and one huge smile. Precious!