Monday, September 19, 2011

Skippers Birthday

Skipper had  BIG birthday this weekend so we all decided to go to Florence to celebrate!!!! (Florence, Alabama...not to be confused with any other Florence).  Clays parents met us and it was such a great way to celebrate with family and friends!  Everyone had such a relaxing, fun time I think we may have to do this for every big birthday.  Friday night at dinner everyone toasted Skipper-it was so touching and all so true.  I listed 60 reasons we love him, everyone's toasts were so special I know he felt how much he is loved!  Happy Birthday to the best Skipper ever!
60 Reasons to Love Skipper

Think found the fish in the lobby, named them put them to bed at night and woke them up in the am...even Loni fish.

Mimi and Pop

the anticipation...
after they made a wish-Murphy took a spoon he found and dug into the side opposite from where my mom was cutting, help yourself...

Tink on a big slide-still not too keen on the enclosed version

but better than this little one where she started

before dinner on Saturday night in the spinning restaurant

rascal #1
trying to con POP into driving to Memphis

Rascal #2...

  1. I can use him as leverage with Murphy and Madden
  2.  He is fair almost to a fault  He is one of the most hard working people I know
  3. He LOVES his friends and is loyal beyond belief
  4. He loves to dance-so you always have a partner at parties and weddings
  5. He has a hot pink carseat in the backseat of his car
  6. He was always involved in whatever we did when we growing up
  7. He had the patience to teach 2 kids to play golf
  8. He made me memorize "good better best never let it rest til your good is better and your better's best"
  9. He didnt care that we always ended up in his office at home when we were growing up.
  10. He picked me up from all over the city whenever I decided to be brave and try to “spend the night out”
  11. He usually has candy in his pocket
  12. He called the cheerleading coach so much they became friends
  13. He has joined the technology age-just take a look at his cell phone
  14. He makes time to listen to whatever is on our minds and give his honest opinion
  15. He defines the word generous 
  16. He always has our backs and it’s when we are unhappy that he’s unhappy
  17. He watches Bravo and specifically he watches “Flipping out”
  18. He was terrified when I bought a saw
  19. He goes grocery shopping and he is really good at it
  20. He calls Madden “baby girl” she knows it and loves it
  21. He loves Lizzie and Pierre, gave them a chance and a home
  22. He knows God wants us to be happy and he encourages us to believe it as well
  23. He tolerates the music at Fellowship
  24. He was “George Banks” when I got married
  25. He came by at some point everyday for while after the babies came home from the hospital
  26. He makes us feel like we arent alone and whatever we get ourselves into he is right there with us
  27. He doesnt act 60
  28. He networks for all of us shamelessly!
  29. He smiles even when he is hurting
  30. He was the only dad hanging at germantown festival just for moral support
  31. 4th quarter at the Memphis/MS State game he still had some hope
  32. He drove an El Camino
  33. He used to take us to Chicks games and to the fair afterwords as a tradition
  34. When Spook watched games in the pressbox, he would bundle us up and bring blankets and a thermos so we could go to the game with him
  35. He built new furniture for my dorm room and drove home with one yucky mattress on the roof of his car-fast forward 3 years when I was about to graduate early and he encouraged me to stay another semester...I should have listened!
  36. He’s a peacemaker
  37. He knows I hold him on a pedestal and he constantly tries to talk me out of it.
  38. He is the most humble person I know
  39. He loves his parents and his sister
  40. He is so talented and accomplished and he doesnt believe it
  41. He has always made us aware of those less fortunate than us.
  42. When my house flooded and my babies had the stomach bug made it to my house from Spring Creek in 20 minutes and sent Robby in the meantime
  43. Last week when Clay was gone he took us to dinner and brought us home one night-he had the kids in the tub by the time I turned around and I had to tell him 10 times it was ok to leave
  44. He is so caring when we were sick this past winter he came to get Madden for me and saw how sick I was-he wanted me to come home with him so he could watch after me.
  45. Other than where to eat and when to golf NOTHING is ever about him
  46. He and my mom drove to Le bohneur to check on Murphy even when he was probably to weak to do anything
  47. He loves Paddington
  48. He is logical like Sweet Pea and my mom AND he has a soft heart
  49. He worried about how working at Camp Good Grief this Summer would affect me
  50. I still have his visa despite his wedding toast-althought I dont use it unless I am getting a gift for my mom
  51. He is quick to point out my mom’s gifts and talents
  52. He is such a hopeful person, he gave me the mentality that if you want it make it happen, there’s always a way.
  53. He goes on trips with us and calls it his vacation-ha
  54. He is forgiving and genuine
  55. He will go shopping and he complains less about the outlets in Destin than I do
  56. He lets us call him Skipper at his job sites
  57. He taught me how to say my prayers and he would skip down the hall when he took us to bed-you should see him skip!
  58. He drops everything when we come to visit at work-he has never missed anything I have asked him to be there for
  59. This list was ridiculously easy to come up with
  60. and he deserves the very best birthday ever!


Dixie said...

That is priceless! So so sweet

Beth said...

Love this post and love Skipper!!!!