Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll post tomorrow...

At least thats what I have been saying and putting on my daily "to do" lists for about a month.  It's not that there hasn't been anything to say.  And it's not that our house hasn't been operating in our typical whirlwind fashion, stopping to acknowledge, "ok, God we trust you and we know you have us."
Its just, well they are growing up faster, they are going to do more and more things, and well it's harder and harder to justify sitting on the computer while they play.  Don't get me wrong I still have to fold laundry and paint (sometimes) when they are with me, but if I could pick one of the many things I learned over the holidays it was that time with them is a very precious gift.
The sound of their sweet voices will change with time. Their dependence on me will diminish more and more.  Even their sweet little pajamas are becoming more like "big boys and girls."  So while it might seem insane to watch my babies do 540 puzzles a day, its a gift to watch them work together and to see their brother/sister bond transform before my eyes.  Lately, they love each other.  They have always "loved" each other, but now its, "hug and a kiss before night night please", or each of their teachers telling me "they run across the gym hug, then plop down on the floor for a good old game of ball."
Its funny though how God gets me ready for some of these changes.  Just when I start to focus on "how sad I would be if they didn't get to see each other at school" or how "worried I am about where everyone will be next year", God hears my inner struggle knows that its starting to take on too much weight in my mind and seems like its then that He puts something far more pressing in front of me and turns my self imposed stress into reliance on Him and gratitude.
I am grateful for Beauty and the Beast, that Murphy loves the Beast (even though Daddy is the beast and Murphy is Gaston), I am thankful that Madden knows every word and that I have now seen it 1254 times.  I am grateful for lipstick.  There are 134,672 different "lips" at our house, but they are her weakness and for now give me a glimpse of the prettiest smile on the planet.   I am grateful for puzzles (and the dollar tree who sells them)  we got 23,419 for Christmas, and somehow we all enjoy new ones.  I am thankful for friends and family who pray for us and with us every single day.  I am thankful for the scriptures people have sent us, and for Kellee's suggestion, to memorize them (no I haven't done this with many, but I have been able to remember some and claim them for our babies).
I am filled with gratitude for the network of people in our lives, this is one of the ways God has shown me his fingerprint on every detail of this family.  Its amazing, how connected we all are, and how he weaves our lives together for good, just when you don't know where to turn.

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