Friday, February 17, 2012

looking at my heart...

I am overwhelmed with the strength, the opportunities, the support, and the grace we have been given.  Over the past few years we have had so much information to process, to pray about, to turn over to Him, its unbelievable.  The truth is, in our house we are continuously learning that our God is bigger than anything we can imagine.  The sad thing is that when He does show us His awesome sovereignty through miracles and answered prayer, we continue to be amazed, stunned even that He would be so good to us.  
Clay and I were talking about how humbled we have been by the past week and how sometimes it seems like the weaker we feel, the less we can accomplish on our own,it's then that He has the perfect platform for His glory to shine.  I feel like there is a glow in our hearts right now, one fueled by gratitude and understanding that the gifts we have received are all at the hand of a mighty God who loves us in such a tender all seems like a huge juxtaposition.  Our friends and family continue to march through our journeys with us, we can't imagine anything without them, their prayer, their texts, their support.  A simple thank you does not begin to express the gratitude in our hearts.

By the way it was a very special CC's was so good to be with her and NOT in the hospital this year! 
I hope she felt special, I hope she felt how glad we all are for the gift God has given us.  I am so grateful For eyes to see my mom, to love her, to let her really know me and what is on my heart, to lean on her and to respect her and delight in our relationship. Little things like the way people always mention her smile when she comes to mind, I could never explain that to her. 

I am so blessed that I get to see glimpses of it everyday in Murphy, the way things have to be placed just so, no drawers left opened and nothing out of place in his space, and in  Tink...when she throws her head back and laughs, with her PINK hair bow permanently fixed in her hair, when she asks for chocolate with a just a little pink ice-cream (when I am totally vanilla)...thats all my mom showing up in my little tinky.  

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. 
Psalm 136:1

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