Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1

Welcome to the Culpepper house, November!  As much as I feel overwhelmed by what is to come between 2 kiddos, the holidays, and just regular old schedules.  Today marks the very 1st day (and SECOND annual) of We are Thankful For Month...

So with that said:
I am thankful for our family. I am thankful for them everyday.  The are wonderfully and fearfully made. And as Madden said they "are good and perfect gifts from above".
All different, and diverse... yet all of us knit together in a perfect pattern and rhythm that is stamped on my soul.  I feel all of them all of the time, they are with me and my heart is with them.
I am thankful for 2 parents that love, support, encourage and are selfless when it comes to our crew.
I am thankful for a brother, who though he doubts it, is amazing with my babies and I am super proud of him.  I am thankful for sweet Sarah who makes the crew feel special and smile so much.
I am thankful for Clay's family and that Madden asked if we were going to Kellee's tomorrow after school...when I answered not tomorrow, she said "just call her and tell her we are coming". I am thankful that they make my children feel so loved.
I am thankful that my children have aunts and uncles that all are beacons of how to walk with our Lord.   I am thankful that Bridget is at school with tinky in case of emergency and that Michele (yep family) will take Murphy as well.  (The earthquake this week had me setting up emergency plans over and over again in my mind).
Anyway, day 1 has almost come and gone...and I can barely begin to explain the gratitude I feel for these precious gifts in my life.
Murphy and Madden,
May you always know the love that surrounds you.  May you feel the unconditional support that your father and I feel.  May you learn from our loved ones and know that they are truly gifts from above.

"giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..."  Ephesians 5:20

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