Sunday, November 18, 2012

First and then

I learned a while back from Murphy's teacher her "first and then" technique.  You simply tell your child "1st we will do (fill in the blank) and Then we are going to (fill in the blank)."  As simple as it seems there is a way to make it applicable in almost all circumstances.  We are trying to first be thankful at our house and then see where we are lead.
Its been a while since I mentioned Eucharisto which means "KJV (39) - be thankful, 1; give thanks, 26; thank" .
As this week begins I have to say FIRST
we are so blessed and thankful that we are at home.  Last year at this time we were on our 2nd day in the ICU with our Murphy.  I really cant even describe that week.  On thanksgiving we were on the regular floor, I sat with our boy and looked down the halls at all of the rooms filled with children, in the hospital, alone.  I still can barely think about it.  We are blessed beyond measure that we were able to be with our boy at all times, in a wonderful hospital and that are amazing friends and family lifted us in prayer and watched over our sweet girl.  And we are blessed beyond measure to have them both together this week...

Thanksgiving morning 

Sweet Tink on thanksgiving with my parents

Cookies from Uncle Sweet Pea and Sarah that tinky helped make

And THEN there's this, which might just be one of my favorite things Ive posted....enjoy tehehe!

Happy Thanksgiving, Murphy says "gobble gobble" :)

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Angela Carson said...

That video was priceless. The rest of the post brought tears to my eyes. Miss you!