Monday, December 31, 2012


Just some pictures of Christmas with our family this year.  It was so much fun to watch our babies soaking up all things Christmas this year.  They loved it, the fun, family, friends, traditions ALL of it, well maybe not the food, but what's least we made a covenant cake that would feed 100 people so not all was lost!
Yes even our littliest boy loves Christmas lights

Christmas at momma's good friends the James -so much fun and so great to see such sweet friends

Crazy pickles, he will probably have to sleep until next year, he's a busy fellow

too bad we need two of these, his father is after  this one!

Watch out if you see these two on the road, seriously...they have the gas but not the steering part

our sweet land, counting down until she's baaaaackkk!

Murphys last Christmas program with Harwood, it wouldn't be the same if Tinky didn't join in

Pop gave Murphles his own real guitar!

new pjs for Christmas Eve and new KICKS of course!


shes after pickles job

we had a wonderful special day at CC and Skippers, even uncle Sweet pea was "jolly"

the rainbow covenant cake, a miracle itself!

yikes. just yikes.

We hope everyone had a special Christmas this year!!! I can't believe its almost 2013!!!

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