Sunday, December 9, 2012

not sure what this is doing around here...

So lately (well acutally alway) music has been a big thing for our family.  We LOVE to dance and sing at the top of our it.  Madden knows so many more songs than her uncle its amazing and Murphy would love nothing more than for the 2 of them to lead the praise and worship at church with Skipper of course.  Anyway, this year our Christmas card has the lyrics to the "Great I am" on it

On the inside of the card are the lyrics to another awesome song we love
And then lately, this one has been doing such a number on me.  I cant listen to it without tears most days, I dont know what it is other than it sums up who we are, who we hope we are...and the letting go of the idea we are anything aside from Him, or without Him.  I get asked alot "what do you do", I fumble for the answers, something to come out right...I have a friend whose answer is, I am the daughter of the King, everything I "do" should only be for His glory....I wish those words just rolled off my tongue so easily sometimes.  That is our true identity and this right, now (Aunt Al) THIS IS MY JAM....even if you see me crying running down the street.  It IS my jam of the hour....
it's slow to start But it is just like the "great I am" it gets better and better.
This Christmas has been eye opening about so many people and issues around me...honestly this song puts it in perspective.
These songs are just such amazing songs, I really could listen to them over and over....ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

great post... and great songs! If you don't believe me, just ask Madden.