Tuesday, November 12, 2013

happily ever after...

So they are MARRIED!!! It's official she is Aunt Sarah!  WOOHOO.  The wedding Could. Not. Have. Been. More. Beautiful.
I know I know I am so biased-but in all honesty...the lodge, the dress, the flowers, the candles the ceremony, I can't even begin to describe it. Sarah had a so many little touches that just made it all so elegant and so, so special.  A string quartet played 1000 years...it was beautiful.  The lodge was unbelievable and I can't wait for an excuse to go back.
I have never seen a happier groom in my life.  Of course he did have the most stunning bride I have ever seen on his arm...but for the entire weekend my brother even looked like a different person-it was so amazing and such a blessing to know that he is that happy.  It's almost unreal.  These two are honestly 2 of the most special people I know. They love each other in such an incredible way...they get what's important and what's not and they love each other for who they are.  Did I mention as he said in his toast "he found his female counterpart in the love for all things tiger?" Hence the silver and blue...I will post more pics of how they used that here and there asap :).

The toasts were so sweet, some funny parts but for the most part just so touching.  I was so nervous about mine and about their DVD...I just knew I would cry,  you know, the ugly cry? In fact I cried worrying about it and making the DVD. I watched it 1000 times and worked on it about as many hours in hopes to desensitize myself a bit..but that night God showed up and when I saw their faces and how happy and proud their parents were...there was nothing to cry about.  Yes, there are fun memories and yes, I am so thankful he is my brother and my family, but really we are just adding more wonderful people to the crew... I love my brother so much and now we get to love his wifey too-what could be better?  I will try to upload their slide show somehow soon!

Part of my toast was "it has been said that the best gift you can give someone is your time because you can never get it back.  When you give someone your time it is in those moments you are changing their world...you are becoming their tomorrow's memories, that is a gift that we will have forever." The fact that on Sundays Murphy makes a point to save a seat by him at breakfast for Sarah, or that a the real treat for Madden is not the Laffy Taffy but getting to call my brother and share her new joke with him...  Those are gifts to us.  This weekend was a gift to us.

Sweet Pea and Sarah thank you for always being a part of our memories. You make our moments special and we will love you forever for that.
Uncle Sweet Pea doesn't not like cake so I made them a candy bar...Mint to be mints, with this ring ring pops, everlasting love gobstoppers, uncle sweet peas joke jar etc...would you believe that all of this candy was gone!  Thank goodness we do not need it at our house!
the twins

Lovey and Aunt Bebby

Bridesmaids luncheon

Looking Dapper...

Walking to the rehearsal look at those faces

Oh she loves her...

Love.  He's so good to them.

We are beyond blessed.

Aunt EM :)

The TIGER grooms cake...GO TIGERS GO!

The head table at the rehearsal...my mom had a team of experts...Lovey, Martha and Aunt Bebby-party planning may not be here thing but she's got a future in recruiting for sure.

Thats my girl.

Lovey and U Jim they skyped Bo and Bridget in so they could be at the wedding from Australia!

So pretty at the rehearsal...

Love these two.

My girl on a mission.  Do your job= pink cowboy boots.  

that dress is stunning and she looked amazing-
The pink boots-we do everything but sleep in them.

I love this.

Do you think she takes things in stride...Murphy has her in a headlock and is probably standing on her dress I feel certain.

Thank you Holly, just thank you.

The little's presents Murphy adores some fine pjs-right up his ally and my girl got her first music/jewelry box with a monogrammed handkerchief that she can use in her wedding...and yes I am crying now.

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lindley said...

I'm not really sure if you like your new sis-in-law. Or your brother? I just can't tell! ;)
So precious! Love the pictures and hooray for you that you didn't cry during your toast! It would've been fine if you had, but I was worried like crazy I would cry at my sister's rehearsal during the toast---and I DID just that!! But all was good! Congrats to your fam!!