Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jesus gives us what we need...

This weekend we had a great time celebrating with Sweet Pea and Sarah.  We got to spend time with some sweet Memphis friends and its always a blast to watch my brother pull out his dance moves.  Tomorrow they leave for their honeymoon...and yes they will be gone over Thanksgiving, and yes that's a bummer for us :(.
Madden and Murphy got to make "thankful turkeys" this week (each at different times) and they both said they were thankful for sweet pea and sarah.  We are so blessed with family...its truly amazing to see how God uses us all to lift each other, support each other, and love each other so much.
I am thankful beyond measure for my littles and my sweet family, for our schools, our friends, our opportunities and as Maddens says, "thank you Jesus for giving us what we need."

Murphys class on a field trip-that precious teacher is Mosteller if you ever hear my boy talking about her!
Mrs. Burt...oh we are blessed to have her this year!
The party!

Instead of a guest book I got a copy of Jesus calling and let everyone sign on a day that was special to them-that way they get messages all year. 
This is Bruce...Murphy.Loves.Bruce. (and I think Bruce loves Murphy, Im just saying)

Lovey and U Jim

The newlyweds!

First dance again!

This is one of my favorites...its our office! WORK is FUN!

Lovey and Skipper 

Everyone thinks I am her daughter, if you look at our eyes and mouth they may be onto something

Love this crew

Madonna makes reindeer...uncle sweet pea likes his so much he says he's keeping it up all year! That's one proud uncle-thank you sweet pea!

Now THIS IS SPECIAL...they are going to Paris and they wanted to put a lock on the love bridge.  The story is that if you put a lock on the bridge and throw the key in the river, your love cannot be unlocked until someone finds the key-there are so many locks on the bridge they have had to start a whole new bridge because it is so heavy.  So I got this engraved for them to take with them and put on the fence.  I heard sharpie wears off so I got industrial if you are ever in Paris look for this one:)!

Up next...my shameless post on the Madonna Christmas program-you won't want to miss it.  It will bless you more than you can imagine!

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