Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Happiest Place on Earth...

So we decided in lieu of a big birthday bash this year and go to Disney.  Madden has been studying the Bippity Boppity Boutique and the magic of all things Disney with the dedication I hope to see when she is in high school and the subject matter isn't quite as well, magical.  She knew every ride and every hair style offered at this most prestigious fairy tale salon.  Mickey came to Murphys birthday party with a giant present filled with all the Mickey and Minnie garb this momma could get her hands on...and the countdown began.
We left on a Wednesday, arrived in Orlando and went straight to the hotel then the bippity boppity boutique, which I will say was worth every penny.  My girl said  it was her "dream come true"...bless her.  The next day we did the Magic Kingdom Amazing race style...we. didn't. miss. anything!  We were beat and off to bed.  The next morning I woke up with the plague.  I was so sick...but my babies were meeting ALL of the princesses at Epcot for breakfast, who could miss that?  I tried to rally, made it through breakfast but that was about it.  I went back and for on the shuttle from Epcot to the hotel and back again trying to convince myself that I wasn't sick with the worst stomach bug ever...only to succumb to the wretched virus and our hotel room for the next 24 hours...I woke up the next morning, mom popped her head in and said 'you are better, right?'  Ha. No. Dad took me to the Dr. in Orlando, while Clay and mom took off for the park.  Mom and Clay were on a mission, worn out but made the best of it...and well Skipper was brave to hang with me and even more brave to sit in the waiting room with all the funk Orlando had to offer.
Anyway, by the last afternoon I got to go (by wheel chair) to Animal kingdom...and about 5 days after we got home I was able to eat again, just in time for my girl to come home sick and 2 days later my boy to have it.
Somehow it was still the most fun trip, we are already talking about when to go back.  So there must be something magical about it.  I am so thankful God let me be the only one to get sick.  My parents were excited about taking the littles to Disney since the day they were born...and Clay has never had a chance to go to Disney, and if one of my littles had missed out, well that would have been the absolute worst.  So like I say, it was an expensive place to rest...but if it had to happen I would say God's hand was all over our trip.

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