Monday, January 3, 2011

I told you it's been a year to be thankful for...2011 is starting the same way!

This weekend was so much fun at the Culpepper house...Mimi and Pop came to visit so we could celebrate Christmas with them.  I have to say I am pretty blessed in the in-law department.  I can't tell you how it makes me feel to see mimi and pop with my babies.  I knew mimi and pop were quite the catch as far as in laws go before my babies were born-but since Murphy and Madden arrived I have a whole new appreciation for these two... 
Pop gets on the floor and plays and reads and plays some more and reads again and sings and watches gabba and sprout and snuggles and laughs and makes these two feel like they are the only babies on the planet....and mimi well she's just wonderful plain and simple.  She comes in the house ready to help with anything and everything and there's wonderful npeaceful feeling she brings with her.
We love them and I love having them here to reinforce how much my munchkins are loved.  It gets harder and harder to tell them bye every time our visit comes to an end. I just hate it...but I am thankful for the time we do have together and I am even more thankful to have them as grandparents for my joys. I am thankful for the way they love on the babies and for the way that our relationship has grown and developed in such a special way.  I am thankful for they way that they make me feel at ease and how they are always there to offer advice, but almost always wait to be makes Clay and I feel confident as parents and loved at the same time.  I am thankful for the way they jump right into our chaos and help put smiles on our faces. The joys by the way are looking at their calendar counting down the days until their mimi and pop are back... 
On Friday before mimi and pop got here we went to lunch with cc and skipper and then to have yogurt=2 VERY happy babies

Sometimes the twins can talk without even saying anything

I think they liked it...

Madden showing mimi how to open a present, they barely put their bags down before tink was scoping out the presents!

YIKES is right...on saturday mimi, pop, and daddy went off to lowes and came back with this little fella...a bit scary but very exciting-this is what happens after Clay had to use my old saw to cut 3 things for me the night before!


What is that silly mimi up to now?

"mom, do we really need a picture right now? mimi and I are trying to catch up..."

Mimi and pop even stayed for church AND lunch before they hit the road...if you know pop that is a BIG treat!  

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