Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days (and Clay as a guest author....)

The term "snow day" used to be one of the greatest things I remember hearing as a kid.  Growing up in Atlanta we didn't hear it very often, so it was like having a spontaneous Christmas.  Well, now that we have our own kids, snow days have taken on a new meaning.  At 20 months and, not quite three, our kids don't quite understand the significance of it just yet.  However, we have not forgotten.  Days like these are gifts, even if they only last for 15 minutes!

As you can see, it was hard to get them both off the porch.  Suzanne finally coaxed them off for a while.  They weren't exactly wearing eskimo boots, so their feet probably were a tad cold.  However, a few snow balls thrown in their direction elicited the sought after smiles.  Madden and Murphy both thought this was hilarious.  As you can see, Madden was just daring me to hit the "bulls eye."  Little did she know this ol lefty used to have a mean 62 mile an hour fast ball.  Murphy and Madden both wanted to see a real live "no" man, so they got it.  Not the best looking of Frosty's but they didn't care.  They loved it.  Snow days have definitely taken on a new meaning, but are no less significant.  An unexpected day off with my wife and kids and seeing a few extra smiles than I am supposed to... A little extra gift from God.
Hadley stopped by for an impromptu concert last week-boy are they talented

Madden is dishing out the sugar-she loves HH and Sarah

Madden loving on Sarah some more....

Hey dad even Paddington wants to stay on the step!

The caption on the picture speaks for itself...

Happy Snow day for everyone

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