Monday, May 31, 2010

How Grape Thou Art...

When Clay was little he used to listen to "How great thou art" over and over on his record player...(can you picture this-so funny), but the funniest part about it is that he thought the lyrics were "how grape thou art" needless to say whenever I hear this song it causes the giggles (often at church). Anyway, we've been thinking and praying for the sweet babies a lot with Murphy's surgery coming up, and we are just reminded over and over that God is great and there isn't anything He can't handle. Murphy has not felt well for the past few days but we have made the best of it, the babies have played in their DELUXE new pool and we even took them to "touch a truck" at the library to check out all of the firetrucks and other cool trucks! We are very grateful for the long weekend and the special meaning it has...we are thankful to all of our troops and to our friends and family who have also served to keep us safe. We are so ready to have this week behind us-and have our little guy back to his old self.
How Grape thou art!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery...

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.
Psalm 145:2-4

Most of you know we are not really spur of the moment vacationers-for the packing issue alone...but we needed a break so we packed up and headed to the beach for a few days.
The babies were about as sick of Poplar, and doctor's offices as I was. Murphy and Madden smiled and laughed more than they have for a while. They had such a good time, they stayed on the beach from about 9 to 5 everyday, they even had lunch in the sand! I really think they take after their daddy and me, we don't like winter and the more sun the better. God blessed our little getaway with beautiful weather and the most perfect temperatures.
Murphy made friends all over the beach, it was so great to see him getting be carefree and enjoy this time. I am not sure I am more rested from our getaway, but extra help and 4 mindless days were the prefect way to regroup.
My babies are refreshed and we are ready to get some of the upcoming challenges behind us. Looking at the ocean and the magnitude of God's creations, affirms more than ever, that God can handle us. We are blessed beyond comprehension, and our little trip was such a special reminder. I got to read a couple of wonderful books about God's grace, we thank Him for keeping us safe and letting us regroup just when we needed it, what an amazing gift.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Tink turned 1!

A dear friend of mine told me to "invite God to Madden's birthday celebration" so I woke up Saturday morning and asked Him to join us. He was there alright, it was the most beautiful day of the year, the weather was perfect, and we had such a good time celebrating. I think Madden really enjoyed her pink picnic Madden now thinks every song she hears has something to do with her, and most of the time she holds her sweet little finger up to say she is "1". We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful weekend to celebrate our precious gift from God. She and Murphy are pure joy in my heart. We are so thankful for Tink and her precious brother, Happy Happy birthday to the babies!
Her sweet Daddy put together a slideshow of her first year...he worked so hard on it and did such a good job, I am trying to figure out how to post it. Thank you Clay for being such a wonderful daddy! Murphy and Madden's slideshows are so special to us!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tink Tink

Tink Tink, Tinker bell, Tink a link, Tink-alicious, or as "ippah" says, Ting Ting. These are all names given to our little "stinker", Madden. So, to explain... Tink-tink came from calling Madden, something having to do with "little stinker".
Well, Tink Tink will be one year old on Saturday. It's bittersweet for me, as I will no longer have any babies under 1 year old...(what will I do with myself, right)? We have had so much going on over the past few weeks, I think its been a distraction from the fact that our little girl is having a BIG birthday, (Which is a good thing for those of you who know her super sentimental Momma).
But nonetheless on Saturday, this precious little girl of ours is having a birthday.
She is a shear delight. As I tell her everynight on the way to use the hairdryer to dry her hair (which she thinks is super Big girl-ish)...I fell in love with her the moment I saw her beautiful eyes that day in the hospital. When I held her, I thought to myself I could not imagine a more wonderful blessing straight from heaven. I love being with her, I love every minute I spend with her, watching her learn something new, or trying to immitate anything and everything.

Madden's smile makes me melt, her bright eyes are the keys to my heart(hence she can be kind of a "tink tink" sometimes and gets away with more than she should). She is such a little comedian, and she knows it...she dances all of the time, and sometimes when she laughs she throws her head back just a bit too far, her legs come up and she loses balance-- she falls over giggling all the way. This precious child has wings on her back just like her brother. God has truly blessed us beyond my wildest imagination. I am so thankful for this little TINK...her little looks of mischief and her sweet spirit amaze me each and everyday.