Monday, July 11, 2011


sometimes when Madden gets to chatting a little to fast...she turns "Murphy" into "Mercy"...just a little Madden-ism I have grown to love.  Both babies always go around the room and name everyone there as if to let us know in case we missed someone.  So since the beach...Mercy has taken a weeks worth of swim lessons, although I think our money would have been well spent with Mr. Chuck, we have celebrated the 4th,we have both gotten big girl/boy beds, been to birthday parties and I had a birthday.   We are still on vacation around this house, even though its been busy.  We have just decided that being on vacation is the best place to be, so we are staying, although I will tell you "potty training" is not recommended for vacation, its one of the worst endeavors on the planet around here, Mercy!
3 years ago...

3 years the day(and yes I know I need a hair cut I am working on it).

Acting surprised for BB and Ben

Nothing better than a birthday cake, except blowing out candles

the dreaded toilets.

Happy Happy Bruce and Robb


His actual bed is being painted, can you tell the little rascal is just waiting for us to leave so he can climb down and explore?

Brave least around Hadley

Putting Mr. Chuck to work

See there are actually 4 of us!