Sunday, November 18, 2012

First and then

I learned a while back from Murphy's teacher her "first and then" technique.  You simply tell your child "1st we will do (fill in the blank) and Then we are going to (fill in the blank)."  As simple as it seems there is a way to make it applicable in almost all circumstances.  We are trying to first be thankful at our house and then see where we are lead.
Its been a while since I mentioned Eucharisto which means "KJV (39) - be thankful, 1; give thanks, 26; thank" .
As this week begins I have to say FIRST
we are so blessed and thankful that we are at home.  Last year at this time we were on our 2nd day in the ICU with our Murphy.  I really cant even describe that week.  On thanksgiving we were on the regular floor, I sat with our boy and looked down the halls at all of the rooms filled with children, in the hospital, alone.  I still can barely think about it.  We are blessed beyond measure that we were able to be with our boy at all times, in a wonderful hospital and that are amazing friends and family lifted us in prayer and watched over our sweet girl.  And we are blessed beyond measure to have them both together this week...

Thanksgiving morning 

Sweet Tink on thanksgiving with my parents

Cookies from Uncle Sweet Pea and Sarah that tinky helped make

And THEN there's this, which might just be one of my favorite things Ive posted....enjoy tehehe!

Happy Thanksgiving, Murphy says "gobble gobble" :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

First Week...continued

We are writing down things we are thankful for this month and pinning them in the kitchen so we can talk about them together.  It's amazing when we look around just how many things we can list....and how much gratitude can change our perception and the way we do things around here.
Day 2-Jesus:  We are thankful for His love, and his grace.  As an aside, Madden went with me for yet another ortho appointment this week.  She saw the xrays on the screen and the wheels were turning..."so that takes a picture of your skeleton that's inside you?" "yes tinky"....hmmm "well Jesus Lives inside us is He in the picture?"

Day 3-Our House:  we keep bags in my car for when we see someone "who doesnt have a house to live in", (its amazing how many of these we have been able to give out). Wednesday after a crazy sequence of events in Poplar traffic on the way to get Murphy we were able to give one of our bags away.  We are so blessed to be able to do that, and so thankful that we have a home to live in.

Day 4-Our Friends:  We really couldnt make it without our friends around here.  Murphy and Madden have some precious friends in their lives and I cant begin to describe the gratitude I feel for the friendships I have.  Our family is truly blessed by so many special relationships with such amazing people.

Day 5-Ms. Michele:  She falls under friends and also family.  But there is no way to explain how she has walked with our family over the past 2+years, we will always love her and forever be grateful that God had her in store as part of our journey.

Day 6: School:  No denying Tinky loves to go to school...what a blessing that our children have the opportunity to grow and learn at such special places.

Day 7:  Ms. Allen and Ms. Graham:  Madden loves her teachers....I mean LOVES them.  We are thankful that she has had such special teachers this year and we are prayerful that she continues to be blessed by them!
Day 8:  Playhouse and jumping player:  Dont know why the trampoline is called the "jumping player" but it has been named that from day 1 and they are definitely thankful for such fun ways to play!

Day 9:  Dancing:  Yep sounds crazy but there's nothing we love more than to sing and dance around here...and my friends have some incredible moves!

To be continued....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1

Welcome to the Culpepper house, November!  As much as I feel overwhelmed by what is to come between 2 kiddos, the holidays, and just regular old schedules.  Today marks the very 1st day (and SECOND annual) of We are Thankful For Month...

So with that said:
I am thankful for our family. I am thankful for them everyday.  The are wonderfully and fearfully made. And as Madden said they "are good and perfect gifts from above".
All different, and diverse... yet all of us knit together in a perfect pattern and rhythm that is stamped on my soul.  I feel all of them all of the time, they are with me and my heart is with them.
I am thankful for 2 parents that love, support, encourage and are selfless when it comes to our crew.
I am thankful for a brother, who though he doubts it, is amazing with my babies and I am super proud of him.  I am thankful for sweet Sarah who makes the crew feel special and smile so much.
I am thankful for Clay's family and that Madden asked if we were going to Kellee's tomorrow after school...when I answered not tomorrow, she said "just call her and tell her we are coming". I am thankful that they make my children feel so loved.
I am thankful that my children have aunts and uncles that all are beacons of how to walk with our Lord.   I am thankful that Bridget is at school with tinky in case of emergency and that Michele (yep family) will take Murphy as well.  (The earthquake this week had me setting up emergency plans over and over again in my mind).
Anyway, day 1 has almost come and gone...and I can barely begin to explain the gratitude I feel for these precious gifts in my life.
Murphy and Madden,
May you always know the love that surrounds you.  May you feel the unconditional support that your father and I feel.  May you learn from our loved ones and know that they are truly gifts from above.

"giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ..."  Ephesians 5:20