Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All I can say is...

1.  I miss the SALS (silent auction ladies)...who knew living and breathing an auction (and asbestos) in a little house would be so much work but so much fun????
2.  Thank you to everyone who supported Madonna (and my man) at the gala and online, you make a world of difference for this momma and at our house.
3.  There's nothing better than getting to see sweet faces I love but have barely had time to talk to in sweet friends you are the best!  (and cc and skippers friends are too good to be true!)

So Here are a few pictures from the weekend- I say weekend because we were there friday from 8 am until after 9 that night and saturday we were there bright and early at 8....went home came back to the party and got home well past my bedtime after packing up the items!   Sunday I showed a house...clearly I like my job or the delirium was in full force.
I am not sure I have even recovered yet, Sunday was hectic, monday I started hitting the wall and lets just say we are already talking about new events and the auction for next year.  As my SAL, Julie said today "no grass growing under our feet!"

Madonna puts the students school pictures around the big room-this is my man's eeeeekkk!!

These big quote boards are a labor of love!  They are the students' handwriting that Lisa, the OT and the SALS and I blew up and painted on the boards!


SALS at about 3 pm before the party-I for one am looking and feeling ROUGH.

Sweet Friends!

 AND for some reason these are just hitting home with me lately so for lack of a better reason to keep them-her ya go!
This is Tinky and Murph as of late, Tinky hung in there and helped and was so great during the auction, on the flip side murph always gives her first dibs on snacks and she might have taken a few of his coins out of his room...and he knows it.  Not to worry they got into it today over a basketball...

Yes, please and thank you.

My sweet friends, fam and SALS
Ive said it before and I still say its the truth

Yep I think I may have a lot of these...probably sooner than later at this rate

I think the SALS may flip on me if they hear me say "you know what I'm sayin?" or "onward with hope" or "have faith" one.more.time. I am working on it!!! (especially you know what I'm saying, its got to go.)

Let me know if you find out how to achieve...I'll help you become a millionaire, I promise. 
LOVE. this.

we are teaching the littles this one.

Yep...just ask my mom.

The story of my life -ha ha

AND this...Is my all time favorite.  I love it, I love everything about this.  Im just saying, its pretty great, you know what I mean?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Well I have done it before...

and I have done it again.  Sometimes I find myself overfilling time slots and honestly overwhelmed.  I am not saying this to toot my own horn, believe me because most of the time I honestly feel like I am doing a pretty poor job at most things.  You know jack of all trades master of nothing-yep thats me.

  I am saying this to say there's an ugly idol in there somewhere.  The "busyness MONSTER" is a BIG time problem around here.  Right now, however, everything seems so rewarding its hard to label it something so harsh!  I love working with my dad, and in real estate in general.  I just do, I love it-I think its pretty fun to be a part of something that is going to mean so much to a person-their home.
My second job lately has been working on the Madonna auction.  Its really a part time job.  The auction is online this year WOOHOO....and there is lots and lots of work to do.  Madden spends most fridays hanging in Murphy's class with saint Mosteller...and my cohorts (Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Gayle) and I have an new vacation home.  It's the little house behind the school.  Soon they will demolish the little house so the BIG program will have new digs...but for now its home away from home.  I wasn't going to do this Murphy's first year, but God dropped it in my lap and really I am quite thankful.
I have made two precious friends in working on this.  I have gotten to spend so much time at a place that truly has my heart and as if that wasn't enough...we are helping Joy Buckets and his buds who deserve an awesome school like Madonna.
Madden is part of the committee-she's even in the photo and she feels pretty special around the halls at Madonna...she's a little rock star herself and I have seen her heart in such a different light lately.  She is such a quiet, concerned friend to the kids there.  She is so interested in helping them...she told me the other day that "there is just not one thing she doesn't like about Murphy's school."  She's pretty amazing and we are so blessed to have such a sweet tink.
If I am being honest, it's hard not to feel special around the halls of Madonna-its like leaving the yuckiness of life behind for a while...its a break, and maybe a little glimpse of heaven.  You should see for yourself---maybe you might get swept away into a project or two around there yourself, I'm just saying.  This is far more of a reward than work...and not just because my two littles love it there!
Friday was the Valentine's dance...I knew it would be fun and the students would love it BUT I didn't consider the difference in the way things would go.   So at most parties everyone kind of hangs back to see who will start dancing and just kind of stands around to chat....nope not the case.  These party goers were dressed to the 9s and ready to go...they all walked straight to the dance floor and did. not. stop.  Everyone danced together-no one "people watched" or laughed at each others was SO. MUCH. FUN.  We loved every minute of it...and later that night, well we celebrated the ONE and ONLY CC-she changed her dancing shoes and we went out to dinner for her birthday!  Happy birthday to the worlds greatest CC....OH how we love you!!!! Mwah!
LAST years celebration for CCs bday we need another NOLA trip ASAP

these 2 bought a house and are renovating! Congratulations to them!

Each Madonna student (and Madden) painted wine and pilsners for the gala!  $10!!

Murphys class (and Madden) got to see a lady tigers game (thank you Mrs. Feinstone!) this is the halftime slam dunk contest!

The Silent Auction Committee (SALS) Love this crew

Can you stand it?  

Cupid came!

Valentine Luncheon with my girl!  Thank you for the great big hug!

Dancing at the Valentine's dance

Mark and Murphy dancing!

Happy Birthday, special lady!