Monday, July 26, 2010

So we now have 2 parakeets...

So, I got to go out of town for the night last weekend and Clay had the babies to himself for about 24 hours. When I came home I discovered I no longer had a baby girl and a little man, instead I had 2 parakeets.
To define(thanks to wikepedia): "Parrot Head or Parrothead is a commonly used nickname for fans of Jimmy Buffett. "Parakeets" is the term used for younger fans of Jimmy, or children of Parrotheads."

Yep, these are definitely Clay's children. He happened to find a Jimmy Buffett concert on TV, thank goodness had the good sense to DVR it, and ever since we watch "Jimmy Buffett live from Gulf Shores" daily...we are also the ones driving around singing Margarittaville (which I must say is Oh so appropriate for a 2 year old, don't you think?) Anyway, Murphy is in LOVE with Jimmy Buffett, maybe one day we'll move and open a Margarittaville out for news of the grand opening. I might finally move to the beach yet! Here's some pictures of my parakeets, and a video of one churping away...
Oh and if anyone has any ideas of how one crazy mom can get in touch with JB for his biggest (well probably smallest) fan please feel free to share.  I have about 10 more videos of my little guy jamming in the carseat!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

and the biscuits are a big start!

First let me explain...biscuits are M&M's edible little backsides! And they are growing up faster than I could have ever imagined! And on top of it-sweet Paddington turned 4!
It's been a long time since Father's day, but boy have we been busy. Murphy is only 2 and it seems like we are already dashing around town everyday for some reason or another. Murphy started BIG BOY school this what a special day! Madden has been to mothers day out twice now and has 2 more weeks to go before its Momma and Madden days while the other biscuits are off at school. (Seriously, I can't wait to have some girl time and I think it will help me not focus so much on how grown up Murphy is...)I am so used to everyday it being the three of us...its been a big change and kind of hard to get my mind around them not being attached to me (literally-they are like my appendages). I miss them so much, but they are adjusting so well-Clay got to pick them up on Tuesday and he was beaming when he gave me their daily report...he said "he was so proud going to get each of them", words that melt my heart.
Other than that we have been playing with friends and enjoying finally being able to go outside again. The babies love to "work" at their water/sand table...and the love long weekends with daddy!