Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mark your calendars...

We went to this program last year (before my man started school there.)  We waited in line outside the chapel for an hour to get in...we all got in but we weren't able to all sit together.  After the program to quote Aunt Sarah, "there really is no way to explain it, it is just amazing."
And it is...the Madonna Christmas program is a blessing to everyone who attends.  It is so much goodness you will never want to miss it again.  
SO much goodness that they have taken the show on the road and are performing at GPAC this year!!!!!  WOOHOO!  One of the most bid on auction items at the Madonna gala is good seats at the Christmas program...if this tell you anything!
My boy has been working hard in rehearsals for months.  The parents don't get to know really anything about the program until next week...all I know is that there was a song that was written for Madonna.  A musician came to visit the school and when he left he wrote a song.
I have heard the words read out loud...I haven't heard the actual song.  I will tell you though that as Murphy's mom, I know that song is true...this guy gets it.
Please come see this Christmas play, bring your littles, bring your friends...just come.  You will be glad you did.  I promise....come help #packthegpac
Merry Christmas from all of us....I will post pictures of my boy after the show.  Madden wanted to know what "her role was" I told her she was a if you see her she may be in her "cheerleadering" uniform.  And that is just fine with me :).