Sunday, October 16, 2011

The problem with pumpkins...

Its no secret I am not a "fall" person...mainly because winter is on its way, but mostly because I would love to have Summer year round, and quite frankly I don't like coats, or anything but flip flops.  Despite my dislike, Fall is here and for the past couple of years I have thought that Murphy was on the same page about fall.  He has showed some early signs of disliking the good ole pumpkin patch, which I can totally understand.  Who really wants to get dressed to go sit by something big and orange in the dirt?  Really, why is this such the tradition around here...seems like everyone does the token trip to the pumpkin patch even though its 88 degrees outside and its really weird to be sitting in a patch of vegetables...

Or so I thought, turns out the poor guy has been absolutely starving every time we have attempted this ritual!  The crying and whining...not about pumpkins at all, not about Tink hamming it up, its all about a grilled cheese, good grief just feed the boy and then he will take all the pumpkin pics you want!
On another note, we start FALL break this week- and we are spending it at the most magical place on earth, in Germantown, ha!  We won't be at Disney or the beach, we will be soaking up each other/relaxing right here at home (ha ha Im not sure where would have to go to relax)!
  How will I entertain these 2 non-stop on the go kiddos for an entire week?  Feel free to stop reading at this point and pray for a great week and lots of patience to go around.  Don't get me wrong I do have 2 joy buckets and lots of things on the agenda but I feel like I should be training for some sort of triathlon or something to keep up lately!  I am looking forward to getting to do the things that we usually are too "busy" to do, so wish us luck the countdown has begun!
Anyway, we are going to Harwood's annual fundraiser friday night and I know I don't have to mention for the 1,525,406,798th time what a gift Harwood has been to all of us...but I will anyway :)  So if you are free friday night that's where we will be (assuming I make it through this week :)
The kids came home with this sweet prayer that I thought I would share from their first trip to the pumpkin patch with school...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did-it might just be the start to a whole new perspective on Fall, I am not banking on it though-I'll take whiney kids in the pool over the pumpkin patch any day!

"The Pumpkin Prayer"
Dear God,
Open my mind so I can learn more about you (take the top off the pumkpin)
Take away my sin and forgive me for the wrong things I do (clean out the inside)
Open my eyes so your love I will see (cut eyes for the pumpkin)
I'm sorry for turning up my nose to all you have given me (cut a nose in the shape of the cross)
Open my ears so your word I will hear (Cut ears in the shape of a Bible)
Open my mouth so I can tell others you are near (cut mouth in the shape of a fish)
let your light shine in all I say and do, amen. (place a candle inside)

"Let your light shine before all men that they may see your good works and glorify you Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16

This is what they have sitting outside the Les Passes Stock exchange...melt my heart-go shop!!

Total Tink
OK so Mom acting like a moose gets my mind off it for a second...

hello does anyone have anything I can eat?

And there you have it
our new precious friend james!
Oh how we love to dance around here...
Meet Thomas, he lives in our kitchen, CC brought him to live with us.  We have discovered she is oddly obsessed with all things pumpkin, the bumpier the better...bizarre.  But we do love Thomas!