Monday, July 8, 2013

I'll give it a shot...

So this is kind of my song lately.  I love it.  I was trying to explain to Clay what I wanted to say in this post and his response was "think about the words in your song...does it tie in with what you are thinking?"
So, yes it does.  I don't really have the words to describe how this "Summer" has gone...other than it just seems to go and keep going before any of us can catch a breath.  Why does that always seem to be the theme around here?
Here's the thing.  We have had only one day so far with no therapy, no school, no camps, nothing on the calendar.  1 day, thats it.  And although its self imposed, it's still stressful and once you get into the midst of things.  Then I start to think about how from here on out I will have less and less time with these littles.  They are getting older...and I am getting so selfish about time with them.  It's really wearing on me thinking about that.
So, I think every hour God gives me the perspective I usually lack to see that while it may be 140 degrees out and we may be going through the exercise of getting in and out of the car for the 45th time, these times are short lived.  Next year my friends will be in school all day and I will need God to get me through those hours too. I may be the only mom in town to say this, but I love Summer, I want it year round, without a doubt...and a few days with no schedule here and there well that would be icing on the cake.
I am so thankful for a God who knows I need a reminder here and there about how blessed I am and how my job is probably the best one on the planet.  I am thankful for the heat, for the pool, for the snacks, for the movies, the "quiet time", for the opportunities and even watching Beethoven every day while we get ready.  I am really just thankful for every hour that my kids need me.  Like clay said...there's such an analogy there.
So thankful for this fellow.  Happy 7th birthday Paddington!

That's a flutter kick...from one of my swimmers :)

These two are getting married!! WOOHOO! And I have a flower girl and a ring bearer at my house!

With that said Clay just emailed me this from an app he has on his phone...strange timing.
Most of you are doing too much right now. Your schedules are too busy. You have so many irons in the fire that the fire is about to be put out. You're smothering it. 

How do you know when you're doing too much in your life? How do you know when you're out of God's will? How do you know if all the things you're doing are what God expects you to do or you just put those expectations on yourself? 

The answer is simple: You're always tired. It is not God's will for your life to always be tired. God never intended for you to go around with that heavy a load. 

In Matthew 11:28-30 (TEV), Jesus said: "Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying your heavy loads and I will give you..." ... more loads? Is that what He says? "I'll just dump more on you. We'll add to your schedule." No, He says, "I'll give you rest." The yoke I will give you is easy and the load I will put on you is light.' 

What's got you burdened? Most of us carry a yoke of burden that we've put on ourselves because of unresolved guilt and unrealistic expectations. We're trying to prove that we matter. 

You don't have to prove you matter to God. You simply do.