Thursday, October 31, 2013


Goodness is it November already?  WOW.  So I will skip my tangent on how time goes too fast, because well it just does in our world.  So a week from tomorrow we are heading to Maryville, what's in Maryville you ask?  My baby brother's wedding!!! UNCLE SWEET PEA!!!!  WOOHOO!  I have one elated flower girl and one rock star ring bearer...we are counting.down.the.minutes.

So go ahead and start anticipating a post on that goodness-what a blessing!  We have been in a whirlwind in typical Culpepper fashion.  Did I mention I decided to work a bit more on the side..except it's not on the side, its a lot, all of the time?  So with that said-I promise I still love my precious friends and I will call you from carpool and catch up until they tell me to put the phone down that is- Life has taken me down some crazy paths and it seems like this ride just keeps picking up speed.  I have had a few minutes to take a breather and love on my littles that's for sure.  So here you go-us in a nutshell for the past few months
...until I have a sister in law....WOOOHOOOOOO!

the littles love to may be because their mother isnt bad herself...just saying

Still driving golf carts

TADAAAA- changed Walnut Grove Realty to The Murphy Company FINALLY

Grandparents day...that's one happy boy

icecream because he was student of the week and tinky had  a great week too

Girls to a bday party-and this is what he does with my boy...who caught 3 fish???

My boy and his new sign


Can you tell who they cheer for?

Pippi Longstockings has taken to like WIGS of all kinds...every day-sleeping beauty was beat!

CC and her mini me


Love these ladies

Our pumpkin 

Wigs and noses I guess...may have an identity issue on our hands

So exciting!  

Happy Birthday to the dearest of dear-our Rosie Culbecker!

Murphys class at the fire station-so fun!

A real fireman!

A whole lot of awesomeness

Can you tell she's really a blonde?

And we're off for more candy-YIKES !  Happy Halloween!