Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So we are moving...

well at least in my tiny little dream world we are.  I am in love with the thought of one day moving to the beach and its even worse now that we are back from one of the best beach trips ever.  Of course relaxing by the beach and pool with a book is wonderful, BUT what's even better is to watch a 2 year old and 3 year old totally embrace every bit of sun, family and sand they can.  I know kids usually like the ocean and like to play outside, but my two, well they would like to camp out on the beach...FOREVER.  Murphy and Madden spent 10 hour days playing in the water, making friends, and making sure every inch of their precious little bodies was covered in sand and sunscreen.  They drank up God's beautiful creation right down to the last minute of our last day.  They ate lunch and snacks outside, they napped outside, the loved on each other and all of was not only refreshing but it was truly a gift.  Mimi and Pop, CC and Skipper, even Uncle Sweet Pea and Sarah all together for a week of wonderful weather was just what we needed.
For a week, our troubles were gone, stress existed only in deciding what was for dinner, and well although I wouldnt say we are more rested, I can say we were content.  To look at the vastness of the ocean and the infinite grains of sand, it was overwhelming to think the same God who made all of that was right there with us.  He was holding the babies' hands as they played, whispering to the rest of us, "look at them, their joy is what I want for all of you" my dad said one afternoon while were talking, "our lives are about as small and minute as a tiny grain of sand in the scheme of things, but God's love for us and the joy he has in store for us, well, that's infinite it's greater than all the oceans in the world"...( see dad I was listening...!)
Well there are tons of pics of our week together, I am posting a bunch (sorry but I had 300 to chose from)!  I am dying to get back to the beach, to that place of peace and the sight of sheer joy in the eyes of my babies...
Psalm 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
18 If I would count them, they are more than the sand.

see how much happier they are...this pic alone is worth moving!
Just chatting about the BIG water

truly soaking in what it means to be on vacation

Telling uncle sweet pea about all of the waves he saw

The "tutu' swimsuit is NOT so fun in the sand, this one however, is just perfect!

at times they couldnt get close enough, it was like they wanted the other to share in everything they experienced

Mimi and CC even know how to swim in the pool!

The Hunts were there and there was a band=happy kiddos!  Murphy and Madden had some amazing moves (they must get them from Uncle Sweet Pea) cream with CC Skipper Mimi and pop and getting to wear one of momma's dresses= happy TINK

More vacationing, mom and dad need to take notes

tink's towel, I love it

that smile....

This was taken just minutes before a wave took out Skipper and Murphy-and they loved it!

joy buckets

cartwheels, cant you tell?

yep, we sleep with shovels now (hoarding knows no limits)

She loves Uncle Sweet Pea something fierce...but he doesnt have to know it :)

one of Madden and Sarah's long talks...their girl talk is so funny!