Friday, May 31, 2013

Maybe one day

Well it seems like all of the..."if we get through this week, if I make it past that event..." have come and gone and here I sit having made it another year.
April and May come full force to our house and bring chaos... pure craziness.  The birthdays, the schedules, the end of the year, the cakes, the party, the trip (notices I did not use the word vacation)....
It's. a. lot.
And every year it does a number on it because the babies' birthdays happen to be at the same time the year is winding down and we are marching forward to new places and big boy/girl endeavors?  Probably.
 But lets be honest here, I am the most sentimental sappy person you can probably find.  So if their birthdays were in the Fall it would be tough because they were starting something new, if they were around Christmas it would be tough because the "year is halfway over already!"  Get the picture...Clay pointed this out to me a few weeks ago while I was trying to justify the immense sadness I feel to see this year go and this chapter close.
When I tell you I sobbed during parent teacher conferences (even though I promised I wouldn't and I swore I had no tears left)....I sobbed, the teacher sobbed...people probably thought I was getting bad news or being asked not to come back next year.  But there was no stopping it, not a chance.
BUT with all of this said, doesnt the hesitation I feel towards change, signify some sort of contentment and gratitude for how things are?
 I say, yes, definitely Yes.
Tinky's pre-k year has been more special than I could have imagined.  The group of parents God put us with...well we will be friends for years to come.  I am blessed to know these mommys and daddys.  Her teachers-the dream team.  I have had so much confidence in them and I will forever be thankful for starting this experience with such a wonderful cast.
Murphy has presented some craziness when it comes to school...again though I am grateful.  The silver lining in that has been more time spent with my fellow, and truly seeing some genuine friendships that will be in place through thick and thin.
So I made a dvd for Madden's class because I had so many sweet pictures from this year...maybe one day I can get through it without a tear (or laughing as Clay has started to call it so as not to upset my tink).
So maybe all of the "laughing" just means things are good, right?  Maybe one day all of the goodness wont make me "laugh" so much...I am not promising anything but-
Maybe one day.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 for 1

We decided to combine the babies' birthday again this year.  It's really just easier for everyone and for some reason they tend to share friends, toys, pretty much why not!  Pirates and princesses everywhere...what fun!!!
We had a great time celebrating these 2 littles and I guess it's time to start planning next year's....
I am just so thankful for such sweet friends and family to share this special time of year with...what a birthday blessing!
"This is the day
which the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it."
(Psalm 118:24