Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Almost Not so sparkly...

If you have every met my mother you know you'd be hard pressed to find another individual who loves Christmas more.  
Well as I was watching the Tigers play BYU and looking for Sweet Pea  and Sarah on momma Noel was at home with THE. FLU.  ICK.
So here's the thing...while I was super sad for the littles and our whole fam that she was sick.  I tried to keep this in perspective.  I really felt more sorry for her.  She spends all year looking for the right gifts for everyone she knows, she starts wrapping in October, her tree belongs in Macys...its like Madden said perfectly
"She's just SO FANCY AND SO SPARKLY ALL THE TIME."  Even Lovey said OH no this is so sad CC LOVES Christmas!  Not to mention CC is her co-captain and CC was so so puny.  Ugh.
So we all got prescriptions for tami flu because of course we were with her , the day before, the day before that and the day before get the idea.  I think she shared a cupcake with tinky at uncle sweet pea's birthday dinner...I can't go there.
I am gun shy to say the least when it comes to the flu and the littles.  Its pretty scary for me.  So I am leaned on my sweet friends to pray for my mom and that the rest of us dodge this yuck.
Madden and I made our cookies (thanks to Angel Annie Posey) and I might have pouted a bit ( A LOT) and even looked for plane tickets (pouting more) "let's just go out of town."

But I think I was sad mainly because it's been kind of a stressful- up in the air kind of a year---she had to have surgery (which she literally was thrilled with the date because it  "wouldn't interfere with Christmas")....and well just plain and simple she can barely stand the excitement of Christmas morning.
My sweet friend Heather knew I was in a bad bind...she even said a few weeks later, "I want to be your mom at Christmas when I grow up." Yep Mama Noel knows how to celebrate the season for sure.
WELL through a miraculous turn of events and the will power of 25 people combined... momma noel pulled it together for Christmas day and there tradition stayed in tact!  We had Christmas at their house even if it meant she was beat for a few days after.
Like I keep telling the littles things could always be worse.  We have so so much to celebrate!  Thank you Jesus!!!!
Murphles at the Germantown parade

The MLC Christmas program-so proud of our big chef!

Proud sister

AND THE TIGERS well...did you hear about those tigers!?!?!

Guess who came to OUR house!!

THE Big 3-0!

MOMMA NOEL!!!!! And her mini me.

A boy and his toys

Birthday Celebration

MY girl

Happy New Year!

And we were off to Townsend!

Head Bandz in the car this is his GAME FACE

Oh happy day!  Uncle John!

And this lucky little tinky got the dime in her peas!

Happy New year Everyone....we pray you stay Safe, healthy, happy and know that you are so loved.