Friday, December 12, 2014

the season...

Its no secret Summer is my favorite.  Whats there to plan?  july 4th?  labor day?  Perfection.  This fall has been swallowed up...I like always tried to get ahead of the game but to no avail.  Still no Christmas cards mailed out (Sorry they are coming!)  Still things to find, buy and wrap.  Still one VERY big school production featuring my very own cookie.  And still so so much to teach the littles about the real meaning and the real reason that this season is celebrated.
We are working on it though...its like I always say, "just keep walking."  One of my very favorite ministers preached one Sunday last spring and he said  "after mary saw the empty tomb and the angel of the Lord came to her He said "GO and tell"...
He didn't tell her to conjure up our own strength to run as fast as she could, or to find our bravery to shout what she had seen...all he said was GO, TELL.   God's got the rest.
With that promise I know my job is to just keep walking, the rest is in His hands.
As an Tuesday and Wednesday night Madonna will be doing their annual Christmas play at the GPAC.  I have gone to productions before Murphy was as student, so I promise you this is not about my boy.  This is honestly a sweet sweet way to celebrate this season and to share in the joy that these students share with us.
Merriest of Christmases everyone!! We have so much to celebrate!  
Skippers Birthday

Tinkys school pic

Bo and Bridget visit from AUSTRALIA!

MLC Christmas Program!!!!

Hutch Thanksgiving Feast

Talk about a BLUE CHRISTMAS!!!!!  GTG!


Tinkys ballet recital