Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Murphy's Mom

So the title of the post is not only true, but so funny.  When Murphy and Clay were rubbing elbows with the Santorums the Secret Service kept calling me "Murphy's Mom" everywhere I walked, it was "Murphy's mom is on your left", or "lets let Murphy's Mom get through"...who would have thought the boy was on a first name basis with the secret service...and well I was just the extremely proud momma.
I have to admit its so weird (especially coming from my family) that Easter is by far my favorite time of year and holiday, hello my mom is Momma Noel.  I have to say its the miraculous story, the promise of a victory already won through a sacrifice I cannot even fathom.  Its knowing that as undeserving as we are He made this sacrifice through His grace, mercy and love.  It's my favorite.  
Its the precursor to Summer, when things seem more laid back and settled, when days last longer, clothes are easier to pick out in the morning, and well the babies smell like puppy dogs (one with a hair bow) and they LOVE it.  Its time for their birthdays (again), I have been feeling an enormous amount of stress lately, I know you are laughing if you know me-this is not unusual for me or around here, but I am longing for the days with less scheduling, while the bittersweet thought of my babies turning 3 and 4 is looming...and I do mean looming over me. There are school celebrations, Easter parties and birthdays to celebrate with family and friends and I have some major coordinating to do.  
We have been busy as usual, spring break flew by like a flash, we are hoping CC is on the mend, Skipper has had carpool duty and we just had one very refreshing visit from our sweet Mimi....her departure used to make me so sad, this time I was intent on
being tough when we said our goodbyes because boy was it sad for the babies.  They adored having her here and they just can't wait to get her to themselves again.  
Every turn in our schedule, in our lives is so revealing of our constant need and dependence on our sovereign God, Spring is just such an incredible reminder of the growth we have made in the past year and the growth we have ahead of us...we are works in progress and we will be until our last breath, but like I have said before the Victory is won and fortunately we are fighting from it and not for it...even though sometimes its seems like we can't win. Its then that I have to remind myself (or Clay usually steps into do the reminding) no matter what, we already have.
Murphy with Rick-Madden voted "for Rick because he's the bee's knees"...I have to agree

As if I wasn't already a fan, they gave Murphy pounds and asked about him until they got on the plane to leave town....good people if you ask a Culpepper

I had a continuing education Class all day last friday=babies were at lovey's for 8 hours, this is what happened when I  turned around to check on the a BLOCK from her house!

And this is the crown she now wears ALL of the time that Lovey gave her

Sarah's in TX for several weeks-bleh.  This was her bye bye dinner (although we didn't explain it to Madden) they can FaceTime!

Clay taking a nap on his hammock

Is my boy grown up or what?

Poor mimi had to "carry me" everywhere!

This picture means, I am holding the bag, the purse, pulling the wagon and taking a picture. Yep glad that continuing ed teaches me things I can use.

the pink flamingos are behind us and while they are beautiful we were standing on a bridge=nervous nelly gripping me like someone was after her.

I always say Clay is just like his mom, and finally Mimi agreed I am a bit like Pop....but are they starting to look more alike or is it just me?

Murphy made his own elephant trunk...