Monday, April 9, 2012

"How can we thank God enough for you..." 1 Thessolonians 3:9

4 years ago...I went to bed and woke up that thursday morning certain I was having a kidney stone.  I went to the doctor, later we trekked over to the hospital and by that night I was holding our Murphy.
That night I had no idea how much Clay and I had to learn, change, and grow.  We had no idea how quickly the days would go yet how many memories we would already have with our Joy.
Its hard to explain what we have learned from this precious 4 year old (that's right 4. years. old.) SIGH
-We are more reliant on the Lord and His faithfulness.  His sovereignty is a source of strength.
-We have been braver than I have ever been or thought I could be.
-Our need for grace is so evident,  and we see how others need grace and how we need to offer it.
-We are  spokespeople for miracles
-We can find perserverance in a single smile
-We have a new understanding of how our attitudes influence others
-We  know firsthand how one person is able to touch SO many
-We have the opportunity to see utter delight in some way every single day
-We are more grateful than I could ever imagine being in this lifetime.
-We have had more glimpses of JOY than I thought possible this side of heaven.

I can't believe 4 years have gone by since my joy bucket was handed to me that Thursday night.
God used a miraculous blessing to shape us.  He challenged us to grow, with a gift.  What a tremendous outpouring of His perfect love on our family.
On April 10, 2008, Murphy changed our worlds forever. When our family grew so did a venue for His Glory to shine.
 It is an honor and a privilege to grow beside our boy, to learn, to change, and to be a part of such pure and unconditional love.  Thank you Murphy, for being the perfect son for your Daddy and me and the perfect brother for Tinky.  I could never describe the amazing boy you are, how proud you make us, or all of the amazing things you have taught us.
Happy 4th Birthday, Joy.  I love you with my whole heart, you are too good to be true.  May God  bless you forever and ever and continue to bless us through you.
about 5 hours before Murphy was born :)

turning 2...

turning 3...

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